Friday, April 3, 2009

Sprucing things up a bit.

I finally got an idea of what to do for my title banner photo, so there you have it. I incorporated items related to all three topics of the blog. I tried to go with a whisk instead of the kitchen knife, but it just seemed too large and obtuse to really fit properly. Plus, it's a nice knife and framed the bottom of the photo pretty well.

While I refuse to purchase Canon products any longer for reasons of principle (you can read specifically why here), The AE-1 Program was my first serious camera, so it gets a special place - despite the sins of its manufacturer.

I'm still trying to figure out something good enough to put as a profile picture. Any suggestions are welcome. I don't want to just use a picture of my face. [EDIT: put up the "photographer behind a camera" generic photo for the time being]

That is all for now. I'm still trying to decide which topic mulling around in my head I should pursue as my next post.


  1. I like it. Nice and stark.

  2. Thanks.

    I decided a relatively limited palette would go well with the theme I've got going on here, so played with the contrast of the image until it was mostly limited shades of black, white, and silver.

    The low-power tungsten I was shooting under also gave the nice effect of an almost sepia-toned tan hue on the blade and interior of the lens.

    That little bit of red of the alignment dot puts a nice accent of color in an otherwise chromatic image.