Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watertown shootout

Whatever network news program is on right now is running a special on the recent shootout between the Boston Marathon bombers and police in Watertown, MA.

Part of this includes video taken by someone who lives on the street where the shootout occurred, via their smart phone.  The video looks directly down onto the shooters, who are in a prolonged firefight.  From the video, it looks like the shooters are maybe 40-50 feet away and down from the window.    There is an exceptionally clear view of both of the bombing suspects, for extended periods of time.

The firefight resulted in the death of one of the brothers, and the escape and an extended manhunt for the other.

Imagine if you will, had that citizen's smart phone been replaced with an AR-15, how those events might have ended a bit differently.

It's a sad state of affairs when all people are able to do is to video evil, while the state-appointed agents struggle to fight it.  There's a time in this country, even in places like Boston, when you didn't have to search for someone willing and able to put their own lives on the line to do something about monsters such as these.