Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogroll Additions.

In response to my post about 20/20's most recent bit of investigative reporting fellatio for the Brady Bunch, I've gotten a lot of traffic and links from several better-known bloggers. My traffic has gone through the roof - relatively speaking - and many have been kind enough to add me to their blogrolls. I will do my best not to disappoint.

Here is a list of the many who have been added to my own blogroll over the past few days:

Bore Patch

extranos alley

Found: One Troll

Just The Library Keeper

Sensibly Progressive in Politically Correct America

Stuff From Hsoi

the munchkin wrangler

The Real Gun Guys

Women of Caliber

Give 'em a click and a read. Lots of good stuff is being written.

That is all for now.


2A Musing and Alphecca have also been added to the blogroll.

I've also just found Random Acts of Patriotism and saw that it was good. Another add to the blogroll.


  1. We've been none too pleased about the 20/20 report either. Thanks for the add to your blogroll! Look forward to following your blog. Would you please add an RSS feed so I can follow your blog? It's a widget you can add. Thanks!

  2. RSS feed added to the right. I hope I did that right - it didn't give me any options. The blogger widget looks a little different from yours, but it looks like the right thing. Let me know if it's not.

  3. Thanks! I included you in my blogroll as well. Like your site ...

  4. Thanks! I went ahead and included you in my blogroll as well. I like local folks and commenters, and your blog is good. A very easy decision. ;)