Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just checking in...

For the handful of people who have been kind enough to follow my blog, I apologize for the lack of posts. Work has been a bit crazy, and then I was stricken with the cold for a good 5 days. I have a few ideas for posts in the works, so I'll try and get something up soon.

In the meantime...

For your viewing pleasure I have a photo of my FM Hi-Power, taken in the very professional environment of my kitchen counter top - the closest thing I have to a seamless background at the moment. Oh, how I miss having a studio to work in.

(click to enlarge)


  1. We do want a range report now you know? :-)

  2. A range report? It has been my carry for oh... almost 2 years now. I do suppose that since I haven't posted one ever, I should oblige.

    I do have a long-overdue range session planned for the weekend (or the next) if I can swing it. I'm going to give the THR 15yd pistol challenge another whirl now that I've been shooting for more than a couple months. I've got a trunk-full of ICE bad guy targets just waiting to be shot, so perhaps I'll do the full monty and document it for posting here.

    Come to think of it, I've got a report to do on my HD shotty as well.

    It seems on some gun forums, folks are unable to appreciate the superior and catastrophic firepower of 12 00 buck pellets traveling at 1400fps pulverizing a significant area of bad guy when compared to a single 9mm bullet traveling at 1200fps (or even a .40 or .45) making a single little hole in the same bad guy. If my range will allow it, I am going to endeavor to make a sufficient visual aid to help these folks understand the disparity in firepower between the two.