Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phlegmfest 2012 AAR

I know I'm a little late on the report, but I wanted to express my most sincere thanks to Phlemmy and Lawdog for opening up their home to the likes of a bunch of gun nuts for some quality socializing.

This year I was accompanied by my lovely wife, who had her doubts that she was going to be able to get along with a bunch of gunnies.  These were proven to be unfounded, as she did manage to have a good time with everyone.  She had several interesting conversations with KatyBeth, and spent much time in the living room area with the folks congregating there.

There were not one, but TWO range trips this year.  We arrived too late for the first one, but a bunch of us packed up guns and headed out to the gun club for some good shooty times Saturday afternoon.  Having the opportunity to shoot a roughly 12" steel target out at 330y, I thought I'd test out the IMR 3031 accuracy loads I'd developed for the AR.  Much to my satisfaction, they rang the target every time.  I had MattG test them out as well, and he got the same result.

I was feeling pretty good about that, until I peered over to my right at MattG spotting for JPG, who was shooting that same steel target with HANDGUNS.

In retrospect, I think we all wished we'd spent more time shooting each other's guns.  It was pretty hot out that day (and we forgot to bring water), so I think we only got an hour or so of range time in before we packed it up and headed back to the house.

Jennifer and Michael whipped up a delicious crawfish alfredo sometime in the mid-afternoon, which was quickly gobbled up by those of us fortunate enough to get some.  Later in the evening, there was brisket and other tasty goods for dinner, and we continued our socializing well into the night.

I cannot express how happy it makes me to hang around in the back yard with so many friends, telling stories, discussing assorted topics, and passing around guns for show and tell and to illustrate points in our discussions.

Sunday morning, most of us headed out to the local convenience store/restaurant combo and summarily threw the staff into a panic with our overwhelming numbers.  Breakfast sorted, we headed back to the house and hung out a little while longer before saying our goodbyes and making the trip back home.

Great times were had by all, and I certainly look forward to the next time we get to gather.

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  1. It was wonderful to see you again and meet your delightful wife.