Friday, April 15, 2011

Buy A Gun Day

As you may already know, today is Buy A Gun Day. As I am out of town for my anniversary, I didn't get to buy a gun today. Instead, I picked one up earlier in the week.

I've been wanting to attend an Appleseed for quite a while now. I finally went for the beginnings of a Liberty Training Rifle. Rather than the more common Ruger 10/22, I opted for the Marlin 795. I already have an older Marlin 60 that I'm quite happy with, so I thought I'd give one of the newer (and more petite) box-fed Marlins a try. Here she is:

I haven't had the chance to get her to the range yet, so no range report for you today. I've got some Tech Sights and a sling on order to complete the setup.

While I had the kitchen counter cleared off for gun photography, I thought I'd get a photo of the AR with bayonet affixed. This one's for you, Jay:


  1. Nice! I've been thinking seriously about picking up another semi automatic .22.

    Probably another 10/22 for me. Eitherway you can't go wrong though.

  2. I agree. Those guns look beautiful. Have you attended the The Best Hunting Knife Sale? There are a lot of them floating around. I think you will find yourself some really nice purchases. Give it a shot.