Sunday, July 25, 2010

Road trip on the horizon...

Christina over at Lucrative Pain has graciously invited nearly everyone she knows for a shindig at her place this coming weekend, including several of the bloggers (gunny and otherwise) I've been following for a good couple of years now.

Being a Friday night party and all, most in attendance will be relatively local to her area. Having missed Phlegmmy's Texas Gunblogger meetup early last year (due to lack of employment and therefore discretionary spending money at the time), I've decided I'm going to make this one. I'm told this is not a gunnie-only meetup, but general bloggers and even non-bloggers alike getting together for a party. I also figure it's the neighborly Texan thing to do, seeing as how she's only recently moved to the state. Also, I love road trips, and this will be the first of any significant distance in the truck.

I'm taking off of work midday, and it's something like a 5 hour drive up to her place. It just so happens that Dublin is located along my planned route, so I'll be stopping there to provide some premium Dr. Pepper for the party.

I'm looking forward to it!


  1. w00t! I'm excited! And nervous! And excited!

    Um, can you tell I'm excited?

    Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends and spending time IRL with them!

  2. Mmm Dublin Dr Pepper. And yet, somehow I didn't grab one at the party. Dang!

  3. Well, there was about a case and a half (roughly 40) of them that got left at Christina's. They will likely still be there, next time you're over.