Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heading to the range.

I've got some range time arranged with a family friend today. I've seen several posts in the past couple of weeks about guys who think it's funny to take their girlfriend to the range for the first time with little or no instruction, give her some hand cannon and let her beat herself up with the gun. My friend is one of these unfortunate ladies. What's worse, is that he knew full well that she was afraid of guns in the first place.

Fortunately, she's no longer involved with that bastard, and has the courage and will to take steps to overcome her fears. We're going to have a proper safety briefing and familiarization with all the weapons she will be potentially operating before heading out today. I've already tasked her with memorizing the Four Rules as her homework, so we've got a good start already.

We'll be starting out with the Walther P22 and Marlin 60, and move on from there if she's comfortable doing so. I took note of JayG's methods and went out and bought a package of paper plates - 80 for $2,59. Sure beats targets for cost. I am bringing along some "Dirty Bird" splatter targets, so she has something to take home and/or show off, but we'll start off with the plates first, for simplicity's sake.

I'll post a range day report this evening.


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  2. Sorry about that, I deleted the first sentence by accident.

    Good for you. There's nothing worse than watching someone "instruct" someone in the use of a handgun by just handing them the biggest thing they have in their bag, showing them which way to point, and then laughing as they jump. There's a new indoor range in the city that I understand doesn't allow you on the range until you've passed a basic safety written and demonstrated to the range officer that you can safely handle a weapon. I hope they get some business. Another indoor range that used to be good about it, but now doesn't seem to care about a little muzzle sweep among the patrons, no longer gets my business.

  3. Everything went well. I've got some great photos (and some very impressive ones with brass in mid-air), and I'll be working up a range report here in a bit. She's quite the happy new shooter.